FIDICcharts - a visual chart interface for FIDIC contracts


To login: submit "accpw" in message window


We aim to complete the charts in 2020.

A newer vertical version is more interesting and will be the focus of development.

When completed, FIDICcharts will link to all the sample letters needed by the Employer, Contractor and Engineer working with the FIDIC construction contracts.

This demo version gives the text of the letters relating to two of the 16 main contract procedures. Access to all the sample letters requires the full version (contact Both this demo version and the full version are under test. Please report any problems to

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Please slide the darker selector windows to scan the Principal Events (lower) and a Procedure (upper) charts. Select a Procedure or click a green numbered Procedure circle to load a Procedure chart. Sub-procedures have small un-numbered green circles. Click blue "SC" for sub-clause text and "L" for sample letters. Use the buttons to select Procedures, Principal Events and Sample Letters or Search in sub-clauses and sample letters. For charts as SVG images labelled #PROCEDURES and #EVENTS: download except FireFox. Free SVG image editors and viewers: new window.